Apple to release OS X Yosemite public beta on July 24

YosemiteInstallerIconXIn addition to making the OS X operating system a free purchase for eligible systems through the App Store, one of Apple’s latest developments has been the announcement of a public beta program to expand its testing for the development of the next version of OS X.

This program was initially announced in April, and since then Apple has continued to supply its AppleSeed Continue reading

Tips for opening links and searches in Safari

SafariIconXThe default behavior in Safari for opening links, bookmarks, and Web searches is to display the results in the current browser window; however, if needed then there are options for opening these in other windows, tabs, and otherwise augmenting your browsing experience.

As with many programs in OS X, Safari supports a number of hidden alternative behaviors to standard commands for opening Continue reading

Apple Issues MacBook Air EFI firmware update

FirmwareUpdateIconXIf you have a MacBook Air and are experiencing long pauses when waking from sleep, or if you find your system fans are regularly blaring after waking from sleep, then Apple has a fix in the form of an EFI firmware update, that should hopefully clear the issue.

The update, for Mid-2011 MacBook Air systems, is a small download available via Software Update in the Apple menu, Continue reading

Determine your Mac’s public IP address

NetworkIconX There are plenty of reasons why you might wish to look up your current public IP address; whether it is to check some logged connection, or to troubleshoot some connectivity issue.

If your Mac has been given a public IP address by the network that it is on, then you can look this up in the current active connection in the Network system preferences, and use Continue reading

How to transfer Preview signatures to a new Mac

PreviewIconXApple’s Preview application comes with a signature feature that allows you to capture and embed your signature into any PDF file. While convenient, you will have to separately capture your signature on each Mac you wish to use your signature on. This can be a problem, especially if your second Mac does not have a Webcam attached to it for capturing your signature. Continue reading

Easily schedule tasks with Calendar in OS X

CalendarIconXManaging documents and opening applications in OS X is relatively straightforward; however, there might be times when you would like to schedule specific files to open. These might be an application or two, or perhaps a document such as a PDF that you might access at a given time every day, or perhaps only use on Mondays or Fridays. Additionally, if you have scripted routines, including those made with Automator, then you might Continue reading

How to set up and use Folder Actions on your Mac

AppleScriptEditorIconXOne of the hidden gems in OS X is a scripting service called Folder Actions, where you can bind an AppleScript to run whenever the contents of a specified folder are changed. This feature can be exceptionally useful, not only for helping you organize files and folders, but also for helping you monitor aspects of your system.

Unfortunately Apple does not promote Folder Actions, and perhaps they might someday go the wayside Continue reading