Organize Spotlight searches for better results

SpotlightIconXThe Spotlight searching system in OS X is not only good for finding files, but because it includes applications and access to services like the dictionary on the system it can be useful as an application launcher, and a quick dictionary reference, among other uses. All of these can be accessed from any application by pressing Command-Space or selecting the Spotlight menu in the menu bar, and then entering a search query. Continue reading

Five hotkey shortcuts you might not know about

FinderIconXThe hotkeys available in OS X allow you to quickly have common commands at your fingertips, and with practice you can greatly speed up your workflow with them. While common hotkeys like Command-Q to quit, and Command-W for closing windows, may be well-used, there are a number of hidden hotkeys in OS X that can sometimes be exceptionally useful. Continue reading

Address bugs and problems with the Yosemite beta

YosemiteInstallerIconXAs suggested previously, Apple today released the public beta of its upcoming OS X Yosemite operating system, and people who previously signed up should now be able to download and install it. However, a few who have jumped on board have found a few problems when setting up Yosemite on their systems. If you plan on grabbing the beta, then as with any test software, do so with caution and be prepared to run into these and other problems. Continue reading

How to factory-reset your Mac

FinderIconXIt may be wise when selling or donating an old Mac to wipe all of your data off of it and offer the system to the new owners as close to how it came out of the factory. This not only offers them a fresh start, but also ensures your data is kept safe and secure.

One common practice I see people do regularly when selling their old systems is simply create a new account Continue reading

Apple to release OS X Yosemite public beta on July 24

YosemiteInstallerIconXIn addition to making the OS X operating system a free purchase for eligible systems through the App Store, one of Apple’s latest developments has been the announcement of a public beta program to expand its testing for the development of the next version of OS X.

This program was initially announced in April, and since then Apple has continued to supply its AppleSeed Continue reading

Tips for opening links and searches in Safari

SafariIconXThe default behavior in Safari for opening links, bookmarks, and Web searches is to display the results in the current browser window; however, if needed then there are options for opening these in other windows, tabs, and otherwise augmenting your browsing experience.

As with many programs in OS X, Safari supports a number of hidden alternative behaviors to standard commands for opening Continue reading