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How to quickly manage messages on iOS’s lock screen

iPhoneMailIconXWhen you receive a new e-mail message on your iPhone or iPad, if your device is currently locked then the message will show up in Notification Center and display on your home screen. If you want to access your message directly, then instead of unlocking your device and going to Mail, you have several options available to you right on the home screen. Continue reading

How to magnify your iPad’s screen

iPadIconXEven though content on your iPad should be mostly legible, there are  instances where a magnifying glass would be useful to see some nuance of your screen. If you own an iPad and find yourself sometimes squinting at your screen to see some minute set of text, or the details of an image, then there are several built-in tricks you can use to get a better view of what you are looking at. Continue reading

Apple to pull off Snow Leopard-like optimization with iOS 9?

iOSIconXAccording to a report by 9to5 Mac, Apple is focusing on optimizing its iOS software in an effort to clear out bugs, increase efficiency, and generally improve the overall experience of using the software. This will come with the release of iOS 9, and is likely a breath of relief for users who have experienced ongoing issues with their iOS installations. Continue reading

Apple releases iOS 8.1.3 update

iOS8IconXAlong with today’s 10.10.2 update for Yosemite, Apple has issued an update for iOS 8. The latest version (8.1.3) fixes problems with the management of Apple IDs in FaceTime, storage requirement calculations for applying software updates, problems with multitasking gestures working on iPads, and adds some new options for standardized testing in education environments. Continue reading

How to fix Touch ID not working on your iPhone or iPad

TouchIDIconApple’s Touch ID technology in its latest iPhones and iPads is a convenient way to unlock your system and authenticate for services like paying for apps in the App Store; however, there are times when the Touch ID will not pick up your fingerprint. This may be especially true if you are using your iPhone or iPad in different conditions, such as it being hotter or more humid, or perhaps colder and drier outside, where the environment will change the texture of your fingerprint enough to prevent a proper identification. Continue reading

Eight Battery Saving settings for your iPhone and iPad

BatteryIconXApple touts significant battery lives for its iPhones and iPads, where you ought to be able to get about 10-14 hours of continuous use, and between 10-16 days of standby time out of them. While these values are expected to vary significantly depending on your specific uses, unless you are running highly processing-intensive programs all the time, then you ought to be able to get acceptable battery life out of your iPhone or iPad. Continue reading

Prevent Siri from offering unsolicited conversation

SiriIconXApple’s Siri assistant in iOS is a neat addition to the iPhone and iPad, where you can use voice commands to manage content, look things up, and configure your system. In many cases, you might have Siri enabled but simply not use it regularly, and only have it on in the background to get to when you remember; however, after upgrading your iPhone, adjusting a few settings, and then moving on with your life, you might find Siri starting to announce things unexpectedly and without solicitation. Continue reading

Enhance Find My iPhone with ‘Last Location’ in iOS 8

FindMyMacIconXThe Find My iPhone feature that is part of Apple’s iCloud service is a great security option to enable, as it allows you to locate, erase, or message your device if it is ever lost or stolen. This service can be easily enabled for OS X or iOS devices, where once you have logged into iCloud in the OS X system preferences, you can check this option as one of the features to enable. In the case of iOS, you can toggle this option in the Settings > iCloud > Find My iPhone section. Continue reading

Apple issues iOS 8.0.2 to fix initial update problems

iOS8IconXAfter mistakes with the initial update to iOS 8, Apple has released iOS 8.0.2. This update is important, because it rectifies temporary setbacks imposed by the fixes for the 8.0.1 update, where users found they could not make cell phone calls or use the Touch ID feature.

For users who installed iOS 8.0.1, to re-enable these features Apple recommended Continue reading

Tackle iOS 8 Wi-Fi and Battery woes

iPhoneIconXApple’s iOS 8 was just released, and as with most initial releases, it has not come without a few bugs. While the OS includes a number of new features like the QuickType keyboard, once installed some people are finding some small issues with VPN connections, inability to access voicemail or enter iCloud keychain verification codes, and videos not playing in Safari, among others. However, two issues that appear to be outstanding are Wi-Fi connectivity problems where systems are hanging or running very slow when connected to Wi-Fi, and having exceptionally short battery lives. Continue reading