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How to require a password for shared printers in OS X

PrinterIconXIf you have a printer set up on your Mac, then sharing it has always been a relatively simple process. Doing so allows anyone on the local network or who have remote access to the current system via iCloud’s Back To My Mac service, to see your printer as a nearby printer in the standard print dialogue. By default, this setup allows anyone to print to the shared printer; however, you can also set restrictions to require authentication¬†before printing is allowed. Continue reading

Print documents directly from the OS X Finder

Printers and Peripherals

If you regularly have documents you need to print, then you can do so directly from the Finder. While you might think of first opening a document in a program and then choosing Print from the File menu, you can also do this in the Finder by selecting the document and then pressing Command-P. This will open the document and then immediately invoke the print command on it. Continue reading