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How to navigate documents on your Mac like a pro

TextEditIconXOne of the primary purposes of your Mac is likely to compose or view various text-based documents, and in doing so you may find yourself needing to quickly navigate through them. Of course, the primary method for doing this is to use your trackpad or mouse, where Apple’s multi-touch input options provide intuitive and quick ways of scrolling and placing your cursor; however, you also have a number of options available with your keyboard, which can be just as quick, especially if you are in the middle of typing. Continue reading

How to edit files in TextEdit from the OS X Terminal

NewTerminalIconXIf you are a Terminal user, then you very likely spend a fair amount of time editing various text files, be they configuration files, scripts, or data files you might use for your work. For a seasoned Terminal veteran, the various text editors like vi, emacs, and nano, may offer all the tools needed for getting the job done, but for those less familiar, managing these tools can be cumbersome. Luckily, in OS X there is a quick way to make use of GUI-based programs for handling pretty much any document you might encounter in the Terminal. Continue reading

How to prevent OS X from replacing text you type

FontBookIconXThere may be times in OS X where in typing an e-mail, paper, or other body of text, you may find some characters you type be immediately replaced by some alternative text. While useful in some instances, such behaviors can be a burden in others. For instance, if you write papers and find the system is automatically switching the sequence “^2” into a superscript 2, this may be to your liking but this will also prevent you from using Spotlight as a quick way to calculate the square of a value. In other situations you might similarly find yourself deleting the substitution. Continue reading

Access QuickType suggestions in OS X Yosemite

KeyboardIconXIf you have used Apple’s iOS 8 and have enjoyed the new QuickType keyboard that is included with it, then you might be happy to know a similar service that is available in OS X has gained this function in OS X Yosemite.

QuickType is a word suggestion feature that allows you to quickly complete sentences by tapping on one of three suggested words. Continue reading

Six useful text management panels in OS X

TextEditIconXWhen typing out documents in OS X you might resort to the services offered by Microsoft Word and or Apple’s Pages, as these have convenient tools for adjusting the type face, accessing special characters, and otherwise manipulating your text; however, in addition there are a number of built-in panels in OS X that can give you similar access to features like special characters, word suggestions, and dictionary lookup of word selections. Being built-in, these can work even in programs that do not have their own obvious text manipulation controls. Continue reading

How to disable smart quotes in OS X

TextEditIconXWhether it is composing an e-mail, writing a small note in a TextEdit document, or entering text in a field in Safari, you might run into OS X using smart quotes, where the system will replace single or double quotation marks with directional ones that encompass a phrase or word. These can be useful for readability, but sometimes you might simply not want an auto-substitution, and instead prefer the straight quote marks you entered. Continue reading

Convert various text file formats in the OS X Terminal with textutil

NewTerminalIconXThere are a number of ways you can convert a text document to another format, by simply opening it in a text editor like TextEdit and then choosing Save As from the File menu to export it. With TextEdit, you can choose Word, Rich Text, Plain Text, and OpenDocument Text, among others, as the formats in which to save your current file; however, if you are a Terminal user then you might enjoy knowing you can do this right from the command line. Continue reading